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  • Synopsis

    The Quarter-Life Crisis (n): a period of doubt and anxiety often occurring between your mid twenties and the rest of your crummy life.

    The comedy QUARTER/LIFE tells the saga of P-Day — the sarcastic nickname given to the marathon of parties attended by our five heroes, Frank, Emma, Grace, Joe, and Celeste. Frank and Emma’s six-year relationship is on the rocks; Grace has success in work, but can’t find love; Joe’s dreams are too big for his abilities; and the too-young, too-exuberant Celeste has elbowed her way into the mix. With tensions all ready running high, the friends cram themselves into a compact car and travel from party to party where TVs are hurled, fists are thrown, dreams are crushed, and loves are lost. Along the cramped and bumpy road, each partier must confront their own Quarter Life Crisis.

  • “For years you’re told that all you have to do is show up and you’ll be a winner. ‘Write your kid’s name here, here’s his cap, and, uh, what size trophy does he like?’ Then, one day, you’re suddenly thrown into the ‘Real World.’ And not one baseball trophy can prepare you for that shit storm.”

    - Quarter/Life

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